Photographic walk in Belval

Belval is the name of an urban district resulting from the reconversion of the former Belval steelworks following the abandonment of steel production in Luxembourg. This industrial wasteland is home to a number of modern buildings. It is a nice mix of history: the splendour of the past iron and steel era, with its massive structures, its blast furnaces, the railways...which now rub shoulders with astonishing modern and sometimes daring architectural achievements. But this place is not just an open-air museum, there is life there! It's a very dynamic place mixing genres - tertiary sector companies, research centre, concert hall, bars, restaurants - it's nicely swarming with people in a hurry to catch their train or to be on time for work, to join friends for a drink or to be the first to line up for the evening concert or simply to avoid the rain! In short, it's all of these things that make it a great playground for street photography!