Yes, "by the way," if you were wondering...


Photographer in the category "Outside witness", I observe what surrounds us. Architecture, our habitats and lifestyles are as important to me as human silhouettes, portraits and the furtive encounters of everyday life. So many elements of a set in the same scene that is played out day after day like a never-ending day that I try to reinvent with each shot.

Why photography?

A question I hadn't thought about until recently. A question like a mirror on a relatively recent practice, a question still unresolved today but at this stage I imagine that, not knowing how to draw or paint, it is photography that allows me to reinvent what I see; I like to observe, to watch us evolve in this world that leaves me dubious enough to say only that.

I invite you to have a look, to react, to give me your impressions and even to contact me for any form of collaboration. All these photos are available for sale.