Still life?

"An authentic still life is born the day a painter makes the fundamental decision to choose as a subject and to organize a group of objects into a plastic entity. That, depending on the time and the environment in which he works, he charges them with all sorts of spiritual allusions, does not change his profound artistic purpose: that of imposing on us his poetic emotion in front of the beauty he has encountered in these objects and their assembly. »

- Charles Sterling, 1952.

Urbanism végétal - Series " Still life ? "
Format 80cm x 80cm

The spirit of the forest
The Spirit of the Forest - Still Life Series? "
Format 80cm x 80cm
Jungle and oil
Jungle - Series "Still Life? "
Format 80cm x 80cm
Cloud Splash
Format 80cm x 80cm
Two trusses
Size 75cm x 32cm